Drum Washer

Machine Description and Operation

The product is fed into a rotating drum via an input chute. The drum is made up of round stainless steel rings which are welded together at equal distances via angle strips, thus, strengthening the drum. The fixed angles turn the product as the cylinder rotates. The product is washed clean all around by the constant fresh water spray and the uniform rotation across the angles. Coarse particles, dirt and water drop through the openings between the fixed angles into a collection funnel to the bottom of the machine. From here the particles are recirculated to a cyclone destoner, via a reclaimer and pump. As the product is continually fed to the washer, this creates a constant product flow through the machine. An adjustable slide gate at the discharge of the machine regulates the time the product remains in the drum washer. This achieves the required result and maximum yield from the machine.

Drum Washer


  • General for various products
  • Potatoes
  • Root or other vegetables including carrots, beetroot, cabbages, etc.
  • Hard fruits

Major Advantages

  • Maintenance-free machine
  • Low energy consumption, very hygienic design
  • Problem-free transport of the product through the machine drum
  • Simple process management to ensure optimum product cleaning
  • Simple to operate and maintain


  • Various drum versions available using
  • Varying distances between fixed angles
  • Rotary brush mounted inside or outside the drum
  • Spray line mounted above or inside the drum
  • Internal cleaning system (CIP)
  • Reclaimer with pump