Dry Deskinner

Machine Description and Operation

The product is fed into a rotating drum which is perforated to maximize skin separation. Skin residue, dirt and water pass through the perforations and is collected at the bottom of the machine. A screw auger can be installed to transport the waste to a central location. The high speed of the rotating drum ensures that the perforations are kept clean. The product is transported through the machine to the discharge by an internal auger. The time the product remains in the drum can be set by the frequency controlled drive motor on the auger. The rotation speed of the drum is also adjustable. In this way the correct combination can be selected for each product to ensure maximum yields from the machine.

Dry Deskinner


  • Potatoes
  • Root vegetables, including carrots and beetroot
  • Hard fruits

Major Advantages

  • Maintenance-free machine
  • Minimum product and skin loss
  • Selection from several sections according to required capacity
  • Low energy consumption, very hygienic design
  • Problem-free transport of the product through the machine drum
  • Self-cleaning drum
  • Optimum process management for maximum skin separation and minimum product loss
  • Simple to operate and maintain


  • Spray pipes for internal cleaning system (CIP)
  • Waste collection screw auger
  • Waste pump