French Fries Fryer

Florigo offer fryers for the french fries industry for every capacity. The standard line offers fryers from 1 t/h to 25 t/h of finished product. Since all major french fries producers have their own company standards the Florigo fryers have been designed in a way that they can be optimally tailored to the specific requirements of the customer. Florigo offer also complete French fries production lines, starting from the washing, destoning and peeling of the incoming potatoes through to the frozen french fries.

The Florigo fryers were designed with a view to the main requirements of the french fries industry of today:

  • Hygienic design
  • Excellent product quality
  • Optimal process control
  • Reduced costs of ownership
  • Basic-Line models operate according to the Multi-Flow-principle, High Line models use the Zonal-Flow-principle.

Advantages Florigo Fryers

  • Complete frying system, ready to install and operate
  • Fully automatic fryer
  • Fully pre-assembled system including piping, easy to install
  • Minimal oil volume in systems / low turn-over time
  • Hygienic design in stainless steel execution with automatic CIP system
  • Suitable for round the clock production
  • Excellent process control due to new Zonal Flow design fryer
  • Great flexibility for different french fry qualities
  • High level of equipment quality and excellent service support

Advantages of the Florigo Multi-Flow French Fries Fryer

  • Optimal control of oil velocity for much better and more consistent product quality
  • Less dependant on the quality of the potatoes
  • Optimal oil / product velocity ratio in the fryer, resulting in better retention time control.
  • Due to optimal oil injection, oil turbulence at the surface is less, which also reduces oxidation with oxygen from the surrounding atmosphere.
  • Flexible adjustment of the temperature profile over the complete length of the fryer:
  • Lower final temperature to reduce discoloration of the final product for fries with relatively high sugar content.
  • Lower final temperature to reduce acrylamide.
  • Higher temperature to keep the fat content of the final product at a minimum without a high-infeed temperature, which is detrimental to the FFA content.

Advantages of High-Line Zonal Flow French Fries Fryer

  • Superior, very stable products quality
  • Temperature profile adjustable to product quality
  • Optimal oil velocity control for excellent retention time control
  • Reduction of acrylamide formation
  • Flexible infeed and outfeed arrangement to ensure easy integration in existing lines
  • Besides the High-Line Zonal-Flow Fryer with internal belt return a model with external belt return is optionally available. In this case a steam-heated oil-collection tray is provided under the frying kettle.