Moong dal / Chana dal Frying Lines


Florigo have built up many references in the snack industry, not only for potato chips but also for snack pellets of different sorts and for Moong dal and Chana dal. The present range of Moong dal/ Chana dal fryers consists of different models, for 200 / 500 / 750 kg/hr of finished product. Moong dal and Chana dal are very popular in the Chinese, Indian and Pakistan cuisine and are increasingly consumed as deep-fried snacks.


Frying Moong dal and Chana dal is a delicate process and many circumstances influence the finished product. The Florigo fryers provide for optimum control over the main parameters in the frying process, such as frying temperature; frying time; oil flow in the fryer and the quality of the frying oil. Product-specific parameters for 20 different products can be stored in the recipe settings of the fryer.

The standard scope of supply is as follows:

  • Dosing belt
  • Fryer with external heat exchanger
  • Defatting / inspection belt
  • Frying oil circulation system
  • Frying oil drum filter
  • Thermal oil heat exchanger
  • Thermal oil heater
  • Electric panel with PLC and touch panel
  • Modem for online service
  • Oil night storage tank

Features and Advantages

  • Excellent temperature control and very good temperature profile in the fryer through external heating and optimised oil injection system
  • Special Moong dal / Chana dal transport belts with frequency controlled drives for optimal control of frying time and to prevent product accumulation
  • Gentle treatment of products prevents product losses and the creation of fines
  • Full-flow filtration and hygienic design without "dead spots" avoid built-up of fines in the system
  • Low turn-over time and optimised exhaust system prevent oxidation of the frying oil