Oil Filtration Systems


Product Portfolio

  • Belt filter
  • Drum filter
  • Cyclone filter
  • Vibrating screen
  • Automatic scrape filter
  • Paper filter

Belt Filter

  • Full flow up to 900 m3/hr with standard filtration
  • Mesh of filter belt available from 0.8 to 3 mm
  • Execution for water and hot oil filtration
  • Air knife for fines removal from the belt
  • Lifting device for easy cleaning and maintenance


  • Oil recovery screen for the fine particles
  • Auger for continuous fine particle removal

Applications: Chips fryers, french fries fryers, washers, blanchers.

Drum Filter

  • Full flow up to 300 m3/hr with standard filtration of 500 micron
  • Finer filtration possible down to 170 micron with reduced capacity
  • Oil flow from inside to the outside to avoid contamination of fines in the drum filter
  • Time controlled air knife for fines removal from the screen
  • Easy exchangeable filter screen
  • Auger for continuous fines removal
  • Stack for hot-oil vapours

Applications: Pellet fryers, Moong dal fryers, specialty fryers and dough fryers.

Cyclone Filter System

  • Full flow filtration for all kind of oil flows
  • Filtration based on gravity
  • Removes only sinking particles of 50 to 70 micron
  • Constant bleeding from the cyclone

Applications: French fries fryer, coating fryers.

Vibrating Screen

  • Single deck or double deck execution
  • First deck 230 micron, second deck 54 micron
  • Pressure diffuser tank before the vibrating screen for a controlled oil flow
  • Vibrating screen placed above oil level to avoid fluctuation of oil level and extra buffer tank with pump
  • Maintenance platform around vibrating screen
  • Optional crumb screw full flow filtration for all kind of oil flows

Applications: French fries fryer, coating fryers.


Cyclone - Vibrating Screen Filter System

  • Full flow filtration by cyclone installed in main oil flow. Also possible to install system in partial flow of the main circulation system.
  • Partial flow by vibrating screen approximately 5 to 10% return to main oil circulation system.

Automatic Scrape Filter

  • Standard filter mesh of 1 mm
  • Maximum filtration of 40m3/hr for single unit
  • Finer filter mesh down to 50 micron with reduced capacity
  • Single or multiple unit execution for different oil flows
  • Automatic fines removal system
  • Oil reclaim of fines with bag filter or automatic drum filter

Application: Vacuum fryers.

Paper Filter System

  • Automatic controlled paper filter system
  • Filtration mesh 120 Micron
  • Maximum capacity of 8m3/hr


  • For partial filtration of frying oil during production
  • For filtration of frying oil return to oil tank

Applications: French fries, coated products, peanut fryers, specialty fryers.