Pellet Snacks Turnkey Compact Line

Machine Description

Florigo, a leading brand in the snacks industry offers a special range of compact pellet frying systems for capacities up to 1200 kg/hr. The Florigo compact pellet frying system is available in three configurations. All configurations are equipped with separate submerger, take out and de-oiling conveyors which create accurate control over the frying process.

  • The standard model is designed for capacities of 200 to 300 kg/hr conventional pellet products and is equipped with internal electric heating. Optionally this fryer can be executed with an oil circulation system which makes it possible to fry at short frying times as well as three dimensional pellet shapes.
  • The superior model is designed for 400 to 500 kg/hr and is equipped with external heating system and oil circulation system as a standard.
  • The high-line fryers are designed for 800, 1,000 and 1,200 kg/hr.

Florigo lines are easily adaptable to different products. With the standard incorporated PLC a wide range of control parameters can be set in the product menu. This ensures the production of the best quality snack pellets in a consistent way.


The Florigo compact line is designed for most pellets available in the market, ranging from potato to wheat based, sheeted or extruded, 2D or 3D etc. The compact pellet fryers are designed primarily for smaller capacities and are, therefore, excellent for start-up companies in the snack industry with a focus for product quality.

Major Advantages

  • Complete production line, ready to install and operate
  • Fully automated process
  • Programmable product menus for easy reproduction of process settings
  • Minimal amount of operating personnel required
  • Semi turn-key system, completely pre-assembled, wired and factory tested
  • Minimal installation time, easy to dismantle and re-install at new location
  • Large scale process technology available on a compact scale
  • Minimal oil volume in system/low turn-over time
  • Excellent process control due to new oil flow design in the fryer (optional on standard execution)
  • Excellent oil quality control due to full flow fine filtration (optional on the standard execution)
  • High level of equipment quality and excellent service support
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Attractive investment costs

Fryer Optional Extras

  • Oil circulation system with full oil filtration
  • Thermal oil heating system
  • Oil demister in fryer exhaust
  • Set of spare parts

Additional Systems

  • Pellet bunker feed system
  • Flavouring system
  • Fresh and overnight tanks
  • Service and maintenance platform