Potato Specialities Complete Frying System

The Florigo speciality frying system is available in a wide range of configurations. Standard for the Florigo speciality frying system is the zonal flow oil circulation system and external belt return. These features offer the benefit of the smallest possible oil volume in the system resulting in better product quality.

External oil circulation is combined with an external heat exchanger and full flow oil filtration. Unique to every Florigo speciality products fryer is the built in flexibility to process many different products. This development is driven by the continuous launch of new products in the industry. The fryer can handle products which need to be "plunged" in oil or which need to be "laid" gently on a belt. As the potato processing industry works three shifts, so does the Florigo speciality fryer. Cleaning is only required once every week. Due to an excellent oil circulation system with full flow oil filtration and a special kettle design, build-up of debris is avoided.


The Florigo speciality fryer is the best choice for mash potato and cut potato specialities, coated or non coated. This fryer is designed primarily for larger capacities and is, therefore, excellent for professional companies in the potato speciality industry with a high demand for product quality and process flexibility.

Technical Specifications

  • Execution zonal flow
  • Capacity (kg/hr) 1,000 - 3,000
  • Width (mm) 600 - 1,200
  • Length (mm) 5,000 - 13,000
  • Heating method steam / thermal oil

Major Advantages

  • Complete frying system, ready to install and operate
  • Fully automatic fryer
  • Fully pre-assembled system including piping, easy to install
  • Minimal oil volume in system/low turn-over time
  • Hygienic design in stainless steel execution with automatic CIP system
  • Suitable for round the clock production
  • Excellent process control due to new zonal flow design
  • High level of equipment quality and excellent service support
  • Manufactured in Florigo workshop

Optional Extras

  • Automatic oil velocity control
  • Automatic oil level adjustment
  • Top belt for floating products
  • Fines filtration system
  • Teflon belt for coated non-potato products
  • Programmable product menus for easy reproduction of process settings