Steam Peeler


The Florigo steam peeler has been used for many years in the potato processing industry, e.g. for french fries, potato flakes and potato granules.

Operation Principle

Product inside a pressure vessel is briefly (set time) exposed to high pressure steam. Upon contact, the steam condensates in the outer layer (skin) of the product.

As the pressure is released, the water in the potato skin starts to boil until the boiling water flashes out into steam when it expands considerably. The potato skin containing less water than the potato itself, forms a kind of coat around the potato. Because the expanding steam cannot penetrate through this coat, it forces the coat off the potato.


The standard scope of supply comprises:

  • Pressure vessel from mild steel (standard) or Duplex stainless steel with pneumatically operated inlet/outlet door and steam basket
  • Steam valve, pneumatically operated
  • Support structure with large maintenance doors that provide good access to the vessel
  • Drive with geared motor and chain drive
  • Control cubicle with PLC
  • Operator interface with touch-screen monitor mounted on support structure
  • Expansion vessel


  • Weighing hopper for fast filling in equal batches
  • Internal mixing gear for products, such as small carrots
  • Integration into existing production line

Advantages and Features

  • Low peeling losses
  • Optimum steam distribution
  • Rugged, simple machine with few moving parts
  • Easy to operate via touch-panel
  • Proven, hygienic design
  • High safety standard
  • Minimum maintenance
  • No angles or edges inside pressure vessel
  • High capacity due to large diameter inlet door and fast product discharge
  • Condensate discharge
  • Modular design, capacity increase possible