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FTNON Cookers for Mash production with Dynamic Cloud Control offer energy efficient processing with exceptional product quality.


DCC Description: The DCC system works on the basis of the difference in density between air and steam i.e. steam rises! Steam is injected only from above in order to force the air down and away from the product layer- air is not a good conductor of energy. A temperature sensor placed under the product belt detects the level of steam in the cooker –see diagram. As the energy is absorbed by the product the steam level rises and the temperature around the sensor reduces, at which point the modulating steam valve opens allowing more steam to enter the cooker. The steam blanket lowers again and the temperature rises at the sensor, closing the steam valve. To complement this technology FTNON Dofra fit an infeed elevator directly onto the cooker, so preventing steam escape. There are no vent-pipes for temperature measuring as with some other systems and the product discharge end is completely closed on top.

By having this very close control over the steaming process, another benefit of this method of cooking is that the finished product quality is more uniform and dryer resulting in better texture and less chance of ‘wet’ cooked product. By taking complete control of the steam in this way, it has been proven to lower steam consumption by as much as 30-90% when compared with come other cooking systems. Typically on potato products FTNON Dofra DCC cookers use around 140kg of steam per tonne of product processed. In contrast conventional cooking methods will use 200-220kg per tonne.

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