Batch Frying (& Oil Heating)

Flo-Mech can offer Batch Fryers for chips in a range of sizes from 120kg per hour.




• For hand cooked, hard bite, kettle style crisps
• High efficiency, high capacity, low running cost
• 3 capacity models. 220-240kgs, 140-160kgs & 100-120kgs
• 85% energy efficiency using high tech gas modulation burner
• Immersion tube style heat exchanger
• Rapid response times for burners producing low CO levels
• Cycle times 400-450 secs.
• Max batch 100kgs (220 model) 70kgs (140) 50kgs (100 )
• Lower debris build up due to high turbulence
• Oil volume of 220 model 2,700 litres: 140/2,100 :100/1,600

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