Flo-FilterĀ® Rotoclone

Flo-Mech have worked together with AAF (American Air Filter) and developed a frame mounted rotoclone water separation system which can separate the rotoclone waste stream slurry from the water used in the process.

The Rotoclones are installed on extraction systems where airborne particles are required to be remove. The dust laden air enters the rotoclone where it is subjected to a fine water spray. The water and dust, being heavier than the air impinge on the blades of the impeller and are directed into the water cone by the special impeller blade design and the centrifugal force of the rotating impeller. The slurry drains from the unit through sludge chute to the expansion chamber. The impeller imparts energy to the clean air, which being lighter than the water and dust is discharged infront of the water cone and continues onto the clean air outlet.

The Rotoclone is capable of handling hot, moist gas streams and sticky dusts, which makes it effective in applications such as chemical processing, mining, coal processing, food and pharmaceutical dust capture. Two optional outlets are available for vertical discharge: a 90-degree outlet elbow for immediate redirection, and a centrifugal outlet for recirculation or corrosive mists.

The rotoclone is fixed to a compact frame system which can take the waste stream slurry and separate it from the water used in the process via a tank skimming system and pump set. Once seperated, the water can be pumped and re-used or sent to drain having been cleaned.

The system can be installed on various extraction systems.

Many sizes are available upon request.

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