Flo-FlavourĀ® On-Demand

The LEAN design allows the operator to access the complete system from floor level.

Sesoning powder is added into the powder hopper by the operator. The powder and oil ratio is added continuously into the mixing tank at the recipe rate. The Flo-Flacour MkIV works in conjunction with the seasoning drum infeed weigh vibrator to accurately apply the correct amount of slurry as determined by the recipe to the product within the seasoning drum via the peristaltic pump.

The system is on an 'On Demand' basis so a constant level is achieved within the mixing tank by adding the correct amount of powder/oil ratio V slurry applied to product. 

Flo-Mech proprietary application lance design offers consistent application within seasoning drum.

The Footprint is smaller than standard 2 tank system.

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