Flo-Cut® Sizer-Halver

System Function

Potato Grading System, with Halving Section for Oversized Tubers

System Details

The Flo-Cut™ sizer halver is designed specifically for the potato processing industry. As the name of the machine indicates, the Flo-Cut™ Sizer Halver carries out two operations, namely grading (sizing) and cutting (halving). Potatoes enter the machine and all those under a pre-set diameter are graded out and allowed to pass straight through without being cut. All those above this diameter enter the cutting section of the machine, where they are accurately sliced in half before being reintroduced into the flow of acceptable product and finally discharged.

System Models/Capacity

  • 4 Lane (capacity of 10,500kg/hr)
  • 6 Lane (capacity of 16,000kg/hr).

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