Flo-ThermĀ® G4 SX Oil Heater

System Function

Direct Oil Heating Systems with Pollution Control

System Details

Flo-Therm has now been part of our lives for the past 30+ years. Our proven design gently heats frying oil and at the same time offers total pollution control, ensuring that your frying emissions are "clean to the atmosphere". We are constantly reviewing our heater designs to ensure compliance with the very latest emissions levels and efficiency requirements (C.C.I). Flo-Therm , caring for our environment.

Today we offer the proven 'State of the art' G4 Heater, which ensures maximum efficiency is achieved, through reduced fuel usage per kilogram of finished product.

System Models/Capacity

  • 300kg/hour
  • 500kg/hour
  • 800kg/hour
  • 1000kg/hour
  • 1200kg/hour
  • 1500kg/hour

Other sizes available on request.



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