PC Frying Equipment

Frying equipment in a range of capacities for potato chip (crisp) production

The Zonal Flow principle means that there are different zones equally divided over the length of the frying kettle. Each zone has a controlled oil inlet and outlet for optimum oil flow through the frying kettle. At the end of each zone an oil outlet drains the relatively cold oil and taking fines with it. Right behind the oil outlet freshly filtered and heated oil is injected. The shape of the oil inlets eliminates the so-called hot-spots and reduces the formation of acrylamide.The flow speed of the oil remains constant over the whole length of the fryer. The number of zones varies with the capacity of the fryer. State-of-the-art flow simulation programmes were used to optimize the oil flow in the frying kettle in order to achieve a very uniform heat transfer to the product during the frying process.

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