DCC Belt Steamer DBS

The belt steam cookers can be used for cooking potatoes, vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, rice and pasta products. Thanks to the new DCC® process you can save considerably on energy.

The advantages of the DCC® Belt Steamer technology are:

  • Reduction of steam consumption and subsequent energy consumption
  • Reduction of retention time by using a 100% steam environment
  • Increased yield due to improved steaming efficiency
  • Improved product appearance, discoloration is reduced
  • Reduction of contaminated condensate water, reducing the burden on waste water systems
  • No steam loss and therefore no need for energy consuming steam exhaust systems
  • No steam loss reduces the burden on factory air circulation systems


Fruit Steamer DCC

FTNON has introduced a new steaming technology, Dynamic Cloud Control® that considerably improves the energy efficiency of steamers.
The main benefit of steam over water heating is that the product heats up more rapidly. This way, the outside of the fruit is sanitized without having the heat moving deep into the fruit. Also, the system will sanitize itself. 


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