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Potato Processing Solutions.

Marel offers various efficient, low-pressure portioning systems for the production of quality potato products that will help you in turning potatoes into appetizing, profitable, value added products. Potato processing machines for various process steps and capacities are available. Whether you need a system for forming, extrusion, coating, heat treatment, freezing or fixed weight batching, Marel has them all.

Marel systems meet the high standards of the food processing industry. Designed with hygiene and efficiency in mind, all the equipment is easy to clean and maintain. The company’s highcapacity machines are reliable, consistent and deliver a high quality production output that is consistent in form, color and taste.


A perfectly portioned product is the right start for an attractive snack, a tasty meal component or a readymade meal.


A good coating adds value to your products, increases yield and improves bite, taste and presentation. It also strengthens and protects products during freezing. Marel offers a range of coating equipment from flour, tempura and batter applicators to breading machines.


Marinating adds extra flavor or intensifies the natural flavor of the products while locking in moisture. It also gives products a different appearance and increases food safety by slowing the growth of harmful bacteria.


Frying is an important step in the production process. It fixes any applied coating and gives your products their attractive, golden crispy finish and taste. Marel offers fryers with a frying capacity for high production volumes. A uniform supply and flow of oil helps produce continuous top quality products.


To meet increasing demand for healthy products, more and more processors choose a combination of deep-frying and/or oven cooking for their products.


Marel offers smart design and greater automation in its batching equipment. Gentle product handling ensures quality. High-speed precision forms an optimum batch weight, keeping giveaway as low as possible, while ensuring the exact target weight.


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