Potato Mash - Purée

Flo-Mech supply from single pieces of equipment to complete mash processing lines from potato intake to mixing. With our turnkey project managemen, we can also provide control systems, installation and commissioning to integrate the full solution.

Receiving potatoes in bulk, crates or bags, our intake systems will de-soil, grade, store and transverse product.

Intake & Storage

Box tipping / Bag tipping and buffer hopper systems and solutions.

Box Tipping/Hopper Systems

Potato Destoning, Dewooding & Wash System


Our Flo-Pump® system hydraulically transports product – via water - from process to process


A wealth of peeling options are available to remove potato skin.


Rinsing / Washing systems to remove surface starch.

Rinsing / Starch Washing Systems

Roller inspection tables allow manual and visual sort of potatoes by operators


Various options to grade potatoes that meet your sizing requirements. Damage is minimised thanks to the low impact machinery.


Cutting systems for size reduction before cooking.

Cutting - Vanmark Equipment

With our Partners FTNON dofra we can offer a wide range of cooking applications for Vegetable Processing.


Mashing / Separation / Puree

Separation / Mashing Systems

Mixing systems with ingredients addtions

Mixing Systems

Forming Systems

Forming Systems

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