Nowadays, safety, working ergonimically and quick changeover times are important topics in the fresh cut industry. Therefore, our partner FTNON develops and produces a wide range of infeed systems which can be integrated in all different situations. Solutions like bin/crate tipping and bin lifting are ideal with FTNON.

Infeed Systems

The ultimate solutions in pre-cleaning


Preparation and trimming stations are common in the fresh cut industry. These systems have been redeveloped to meet the high industry standards.


Vegetable decoring using robotic systems

Robotic Decoring

Manual decoring of bell peppers and onions

Semi Automatic De-coring

Mixing systems to mix required ingredients


Providing slicing solutions specifically for fresh blanched mushrooms.


Potato Destoning, Dewooding & Wash System


We and our partners have an extensive scope for using the DSS streaming and disinfecting system.


By using the water blanching method, we serve the ready meal industry, the potato industry, the root vegetable industry, and the mushroom industry.


Both Water Cooling and Air Cooling.


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