Snacks (Extruded - Fried)

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Mixing systems to mix required ingredients


Using tubular drag cable conveyors, Cablevey’s range offers safe and secure conveying of corn. Preventing breakage and allowing a consistent product throughout the processes.


Inline metal detection systems

Metal Detection

Flo-Mech can supply extruders from our partners range or integrate customer preferred units


Units to elevate the product to Dryer Elevator level


Infeed conveyor with fines removal to transport product into the dryer evenly

Dryer / Oven Feed system

Flo-Dry™ is a belt dryer specifically designed to dry food products including extruded snack foods, cereals and pet food.

Dryer / Oven

Using continuous filtration of oil during frying, rids the majority of process generated debris and provides oil and product quality.

Oil Filteration (& Management)

Flo-Mech provide filtration systems using OEM filter components to remove fines and debris from snack line frying oil

Flo-Mech has a wealth of filtration knowledge


Flo-Filter® Oil

The Flo-Filter (stack filter) product is fitted in the frying process chimney stack. During the initial frying process the wet slices of potato cause violent bubbling and foaming of the frying oil. Steam is generated from the rapidly evaporating surface water and as a result of this; some oil is liberated as droplets in the steam vapour. The Flo-Filter recovers as much oil as possible from the process.

Flo-Filter® Stack

Flo-Cool rapid oil cooling systems provide fast effective cooling of frying oil.

Oil Cooling

Flo-Therm heating systems provide efficient oil heating with optional pollution control.

Oil Heating

The Flo-Flavour™ plus systems have been designed to apply powder and oil (if required) separately to products that do not need a slurry based flavour that soaks in. The systems are used for other snacks products like fried snacks.


Flo-Flavour™ is a slurry mixing and application system which has been developed for the requirements of today's modern snack food processing lines. The unit is designed to mix seasoning and oil at a required ratio and deliver resultant slurry, at a predetermined rate, to products passing through a flavour drum.

Flo-Flavour® Plus

Flo-Cool rapid oil cooling systems provide fast effective cooling of frying oil.

Oil Cooling

Defatting system to strip excess oil from product with optional oil reclaim

Defatting (Oil reclaim)

Our Flo-Flavour machines provide equal Seasoning across finished product, through dedicated oil spray and powder feeds at a predetermined rate.


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