Optyx® 3000 Optical Sorter

The Optyx 300 inspects product by colour, shape, and size with Key's industry-leading cameras. Its one-meter wide (40") footprint is designed for lower-volumes and tight spaces; also used to recover usable rejects for top yield.

Optyx® 3000 Raptor Laser Sorter

Combines precision laser sorting with Optyx® 3000's colour cameras to detect foreign material (FM), such as glass, rocks, insects and other debris, in addition to product defects.

Optyx® 6000 Optical Sorter

Sorts product with twice the capacity of the Optyx® 3000 Optical Sorter, exceptional colour recognition and 15 distinct camera configurations to meet specific application needs.

Optyx® 6000 Raptor Laser Sorter

Detects and ejects foreign material and defective product with cameras, Raptor laser technology, and twice the throughput of the Optyx® 3000 Raptor Laser Sorter - without precision loss (a Key-only advantage).

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