FTNON’s aim is not simply to develop machines that help improve the competitive position of its customers; FTNON aims to develop machines that enable its customers to excel.

FTNON’s roots go back to 1959. Since that time, the company has developed a series of innovative machines and equipment, repeatedly setting new milestones. FTNON has continually pushed back the existing boundaries. Those original aims still act as a source of inspiration to us today. This is reflected not only in our organisation, but equally in our products. We are also in a unique position in being able to respond to the dynamics of the agro-food sector. By implementing new technology, by continuously innovating and by anticipating changes in the market.

All our equipment is manufactured with great care. Our team of committed employees give every part that leaves our factory the attention it deserves. Development, production or construction, FTNON pays the utmost care to every part of the development and manufacturing process.

FTNON employees have years of experience in the agro-food sector. Close contact between our clients and employees means that we know what is required of our products. After all, the machines have to prove their performance in your production process, not in our laboratories. To achieve this, a thorough knowledge of engineering is vital, as well as a full understanding of the properties of your vegetables.

We adapt our equipment better than any other to the specific characteristics of your produce. You will see this in the way our machines process your vegetables; your customer will see this in the produce you supply.

At FTNON, care and attention to detail do not disappear once a machine has been sold. We have a team of enthusiastic employees willing to help however they can, including after the purchase of a Dofra machine. Dofra firmly believes in getting the maximum out of a machine for the duration of its lifetime.

FTNON  not only has a state-of-the-art 3D engineering department, but modern in-house production facilities too. This means we know the machines we supply down to the smallest detail. This is a comforting thought should your machine or processing line require servicing or maintenance. All our machines satisfy the strictest quality standards. They are constructed from durable materials that are suited to many years of intensive use. However, it is not only our production method that guarantees you years of carefree production with our machines. The development of our pioneering machines begins with the initial concept. You can rest assured that, in the development of every FTNON machine, meticulous attention has been paid to the processes to be carried out on the product, as well as to other aspects such as hygiene, maintenance, life span and user-friendliness of the machine. As far as these aspects are concerned, FTNON intends to uphold its tradition of more than 50 years!

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