Zacmi’s range includes features and machinery from:

Fillers for Liquid Products

  • Laminar flow filler
  • Gravity filler
  • Internal valve vacuum filler
  • Hot and cold juice/drink filler
  • Rotary electronic filler
  • Carbonated drink filler
  • Aseptic filler

Fillers for Solid Products

  • Semi-telescopic filler
  • Vibrating cone telescopic filler
  • Telescopic pocket filler
  • Powder product filler
  • Multifiller
  • Double drum filler
  • Piston filler for foliaceous products
  • Spice dispenser

Fillers for Liquid & Solid Products

  • External valve vacuum filler
  • Rotary piston filler with rotating valves
  • Rotary piston filler with vertical valves
  • Hot filling pouch filler
  • Combined solid and liquid filler


  • All Zacmi seamers are constructed in stainless steel (except for the upper head - price on application) to guarantee maximum corrosion resistance.
  • High thickness, stainless steel base manufactured with specific thermal treatment, guarantees absolute stability and absence of vibration.
  • Watertight base to prevent product/water ingress to base.
  • Innovative centralised automatic lubrication system with closed circuit oil recirculation.
  • Zacmi seamers are designed and built to the most stringent hygienic standards, to avoid any kind of contamination.
  • Zacmi seamers are equipped with high quality seaming components e.g. TIMKEN® conical rollers, and levers both lubricated with recirculated oil.
  • Thanks to high quality construction techniques and advanced mechanical features, maintenance is considerably reduced.
  • Engineering time for "size changeover" of mechanical parts and seaming sets (plates + rollers + chucks) are minimal and very simple.
  • Noise emissions are within the values laid down by the most stringent international rules.


Zacmi seamers can be equipped with a patented monitoring system, D.S.M. (Double Seam Monitoring), for the seaming process in order to eject "bad" cans and control seamer wear and tear.

Defects such as product in seam, cracked rolls and lid/can deformation are detected and rejected automatically.

This technology examines the quality of seaming of each can in "real time" (up to 1200 cpm) as they pass through the seamer.

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