Snacks (Extruded - Baked)

Flo-Mech can offer full turn-key snack lines for Extruded/Baked products in a range of output capacities.

The Flo-Filter (stack filter) product is fitted in the frying process chimney stack. During the initial frying process the wet slices of potato cause violent bubbling and foaming of the frying oil. Steam is generated from the rapidly evaporating surface water and as a result of this; some oil is liberated as droplets in the steam vapour. The Flo-Filter recovers as much oil as possible from the process.

Flo-Filter® Stack

Flo-Dry™ is a belt dryer specifically designed to dry food products including extruded snack foods, cereals and pet food.

Dryer / Oven

The Flo-Flavour™ plus systems have been designed to apply powder and oil (if required) separately to products that do not need a slurry based flavour that soaks in. The systems are used for other snacks products like fried snacks.


Units to elevate the product to Dryer Elevator level


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