Technical Innovation


"... our technical innovation team develop systems and solutions to meet our customer requirements"

Support Portfolio:

Bringing together a large pool of designer expertise, design concepts can be elaborated in-house or by collaborating with customers and scientific experts.
Engineering Design
FM design expertise covers a large number of field which are used in creating sustainable engineering design; mechanical, thermal, chemical, electrical, controls, heat transfer and water science.
Simulation Capabilities
Complex simulation can be carried out at Flo-Mech, CAD, DEM, FEA, CFD, Statistical Analysis, Mathematical modelling.
Testing and R&D Capabilities
Our small Lab and sub supplier facilities (Local workshop) allows to carry out scaled experiments, and evaluate design issues first hand and correct them accordingly. Validation of simulation models can be evaluated.
Design of Experiment Capability
Design of Experiment and 6 Sigma tools will be used to carry out feasibility study, or assess design criteria which can help to optimise designs (Cost, Weight, etc)
On-Site Assessment and Design Validation
Further on-site data is collected and analysed to cross check with designed data and validate design.

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  "... our team provide worldwide Field Service expertise, to keep our customers process equipment in production"
  "... our spares & shipping team will ensure your parts are delivered to you fast - minimising your production downtime"
  "...  our projects conform to all aspects of H&S from the point of concept/design, right through to completion"
  "... our technical innovation team develop systems and solutions to meet our customer requirements"
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  "... our E&S dept has been leading the way in improving the efficiency of existing plant and equipment facilities"

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